We are a team of consultants and coaches supporting leaders to unlock their full potential and to build teams that trust each other and, together, create a bright company culture dedicated to bringing lasting value to all stakeholders. We have dedicated decades of study and research in order to develop a system of instructions and tools that would support our mission. 

For us, finding fresh intelligence was hitting a goldmine. The operating system and the detailed sets of instruction have proven to solve our clients' greatest challenges. Leaders are relaxed and resilient, energized and able to enroll their team's full support to the vision and mission, empowering each member to contribute the fullness of their unique capacity to the success of the team. 

In examining the success factors of the approach, we found that most leadership development programs are based on over-generalized rules that rely on statistical norms (If-this-then-that approaches). In contrary, FI is deeply transformational and changes the user's perspective on themselves and their environment. By opening a greater level of intelligence, it empowers each users' innate capacity to be spontaneously responsive to each time, place and circumstance instead of relying on fixed rules. In our experience of over a decade, FI gives leaders and teams a robust and extremely reliable framework to continually outperform their own accomplishments while nurturing a bright culture of excellence, respect and cheer.