Search Intelligence

BETA-TESTING (2007-2017)

Beta-testing UBI over the last 10 years, has evidenced two great breakthroughs in intelligent search: 

1. UBI technology provides more precise results in response to search request, due to its ability to detect nuances of intelligence that lie behind what is being requested. Until now, such subtleties as human thought, emotional affect, context and non-symbolic communication have been inaccessible through conventional machine learning methods. UBI proprietary technology enables machines to respond appropriate to what is actually being requested, rather than being limited by a prescribed learning system.

2. Users of UBI in our ubiquitous search intelligence platform, reported ever increasing insight and flourishing at the highest level according to Deiner’s SWLS (1985).  The scores reported by UBI users are the highest scored in the entire forty year history of the instrument.

This is a revolutionary breakthrough and a new field of knowledge! The human agent notes greater satisfaction with life, the more the machine is used.